Network Solution


  • Data, Voice, Audio and Television Wiring
  • Home Entertainment: TV, Gaming, Music Installation
  • Networking Technology
  • Home Control Systems
  • Home Automation
  • Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution


Established in 2008.

Lew Little started the business after leaving as owner of a corporate network systems business for many years. With over 9 years working in IT and then AV, Lew is able to design residential and commercial infrastructures that provide entertainment, communications and comfort. With several specialty subcontractors, Home & Office Network Solutions is able to service the entire Northern VA area.

Komplete Solutions  ( KS ) Networking products to meet the various needs of an enterprise.Networking:

  • Cables, Connectors, Home Networking Cable & DSL, Filers, Load Balancers, Hubs, KVM Switch Boxes, Mainframe, DEC, VAX, AS/400, Networking, Telecom Tools, Network Interface Cards (NICs), Print Servers, Racks, Mounts & Patch Panels,
  • Routers, Router Components, Server, Server Components, Security, Firewall, VPN Software, Operating Systems, Storage Equipment, NAS, SAN, Switches, Switch Components,
  • Telephone Systems, UPS, Power Protection, APC, Workstation Terminals, Workstation Components, Wireless Networking, WiFi.
  • We are amongst the leaders in providing extensive experience in the design, installation and maintenance of network systems.

We are providing cost-effective Networking solution and timely based service that exactly satisfies the need of our clients. Our quality consciousness and competitive pricing helps us to stay ahead of our competitors.